This is an introduction to a customizable solution that will empower under-resourced classrooms across the country with an engaging cybersecurity training platform.

Student intern designing cybersecurity video game UX

Designed by Learners, for Learners

This pilot program will enlist students through an internship program to help design their own cybersecurity education software in a game environment.

Cybersecurity student on lawn engaged in learning

More Engaging Learning Environments

The students will assist in creating an environment that bests captures their attention through a series of design sprints.

Two cybersecurity stuents learning together in front of a computer

Curriculum Mapping

The environment the students design will be aligned to cybersecurity learning platform.

Stock graphic of padlock in cybersecurity setting

Learners Acquire Certification Credentials

Students can apply the game skills to acquiring cybersecurity certifications and access in-demand job opportunities.

Designed by Learners, for Learners

Learners Acquire Certification Credentials

Gamified Learning

  • Overlay game skin with proprietary or partnering cybersecurity training
  • Training achievements unlock virtual rewards
  • Potential for white hat, black hat competition-based rewards
  • AI-supported adaptive learning helps every learner achieve at their own rate


  • Student-designed environment helps create a product more likely to be used and circumvents the paternalizing designs of competing computer skill learning programs
  • Reduces program downside with immediate returns in UX training for intern group
  • Adaptive learning and reward-based progression creates a motivational environment for continued practice by stabilizing success and failure rates for lessons and levels
  • A successful learning environment modality has potential to expand into additional subject areas, boosting ROI