Here’s what you can expect from Against the Wall:

Education and awareness

Here at the Against the Wall website we will post a growing library of articles, videos and audio messages that will:

• throw light on the darkness of racial injustice and expose it for the ugly and destructive force it is

• explore the history, theology, psychology and sociology of racial injustice and racial reconciliation

• cast vision for racial reconciliation within the church and within the wider world, awakening empathy and enlarging our understanding regarding race relations

Materials and Coaching

Against the Wall will develop materials design to assist you in your efforts to productively facilitate local conversations toward awareness and fellowship on this vital topic. Currently we are planning to create a series of discussion guides for local churches, small groups, and community events. We are also available for personal and group coaching for those who want to become locally proactive in creating a new narrative of racial integration and love. 

A Voice of Peace

Against the Wall will strive to be a movement of love rather than hate, reconciliation rather than division, courage rather than cowardice, and clarity rather than ambivalence. We believe that the gospel of Christ shows the way to racial justice and reconciliation. To this end, we make ourselves accountable to the body of Christ. Please communicate freely with us. Hold us accountable to the standard of God's love manifested in Christ. Rebuke us if we err from the path of peace.